Darkrelic Entertainment Inc. was officially founded on April 20th 2016. This company designs video games and plans to create other multimedia projects. My colleague and best friend Christopher Morisset and I, Marie-Claude Lacroix, have put our efforts together in the last months in order to make a video game especially designed for girls. It is a game of seduction in which the player will be the last woman on Earth and will have to take decisions that will influence the storyline.

We are trying to maximize the potential of the game Love Eden to offer you a stimulating gaming experience. Christopher and I have one goal: your satisfaction. We hope that the game Love Eden will please more than one.

Our team working on Love Eden is composed of eight dedicated members doing their best to make this game come alive as soon as possible.

Together, we want to make a game that will remain etched in your memory. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us. It is with pleasure that we will take the time needed to read them and act consequently.

We thank you for supporting us and we are impatient to hear from you. If you would like to stay connected with us, you can follow us on our Facebook page. In the meantime, we continue to work doggedly on Love Eden.

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Love Eden is a dating simulation game for girls. You play as the last woman on Earth. You have the possibility to customize your character as you wish. Also, everything about your character is customizable: her room, her clothes, her skin color, her first name, her personality, etc. The game works as a Choose Your Own Adventure book, which means that you can decide the lines you pick when interacting with other characters. 

Your choices will make your story unique. Thus, your character may have the opportunity to be in a relationship with the male character that you like the most. By cons, you have to use strategy to get there. As the game will begin, you will need to take care of your character so that she stays in shape.

In order to make the game more immersive, there will be indications about your levels of health, hunger, sleep, etc.  Warning! You will play as the last woman alive on Earth. You will need to take good care of your character.

 In addition, exclusive images will be unlocked according to your choices and you will get some short animations for the best events.


Love Eden: The Boys of Edengates!

This episode is a little taste of what awaits you. You will get to know each  male characters that you will rub shoulders with at Eden Academy. This episode will give you the opportunity to experience the universe of Love Eden and to have a  glimpse at some secrets and distinctive features of the students. If you decide to buy the episode zero, know that you help us to finance the first episode. Moreover, you will get exclusive rewards. 

Chris Morisset

Christopher Morisset

Art director

Brandy Woods

Brandy Woods

Character artist

Mohamed Thiam

Mohamed Thiam


Guillaume Bérubé Carrier

Guillaume Bérubé Carrier

Assistant Artist, proofreader and writer

Mary Lacroix

Marie-Claude Lacroix

Chief executive officer


Rimouski (Québec)

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